Friday, 18 October 2013

The End ....was the beginning

Well its finally here. After 30 years we have a CD release from "The End", my pre-Died Pretty band.
The End had a lot of influence on Died Pretty. The first line-up of Died Pretty featured Jonathan and Colin from The End on drums and bass. Ron and I met after The 31st and The End shared gigs in Brisbane and I first meet Frank when he interviewed me for a feature on The End in Sydney.
Died Pretty also ended up recording a bunch of End tracks: "Lost", "Through My Heart", "Just Skin"etc, were all originally End songs.
There was too much stuff for a single CD so its spread out of two - Brisbane and Sydney, which roughly corresponds to the the two distinct line-ups which made up the Band.

You can get it here:

Our one single below:

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