Friday, 14 June 2013

Every Brilliant Eye - The B-Sides

Had a request (oh only six months ago or so..) to post some of the b-sides that have never been issued on CD, specifically the Every Brilliant Eye era stuff. Well here they are. The B-Side of 'Whitlam Square' was an out-take from the sessions we did with producer Jeff Eyrich in LA where we recorded the Album. The other three - 'Kingpin', 'A Ballad' & 'Is There Anyone?' - were recorded at Festival's Studios in Pyrmont just before they were closed down. These songs were specifically recorded as b-sides for 'True Fools Fall' and were issued as a "Double 7 inch single pack"- not one of the most popular formats! The whole session took about a day. 'Is There Anyone' was the first Steve Clark co-write we recorded (of course he would contribute D.C. to the next Album) and 'A Ballad' was an old 'The End' song, my previous band before Died Pretty. Ron and always liked and thought it might be fun to record.

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