Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our first trip to America

October 1986. We arrived in New York via Auckland after playing a couple of shows in New Zealand. Let’s just say that the contrast between the two cities – especially in the mid-80’s was, um…… large.

On arrival we were all dumped in a single room in a hotel not far from Times Square. Frank had twisted his ankle in Christchurch and was on crutches, we had no money (as usual) but nothing could dampen our spirits – this, after all, was NEW YORK!

We were so excited when we saw our record on display in the window of Tower Records in the Village. We had – in our eyes – ‘made it’.

For most of the tour were on three band bill. A group called ‘Christmas’ were headlining, we were in the middle and an early Flaming Lips were on first. I remember two things clearly about the Flaming Lips: half their set seemed to be the entire side 4 of The Who’s ‘Tommy’ and their bass player had a large rubber chicken attached to his guitar.

We played a radio show in Boston and besides breaking a string in 'Just Skin' it went pretty well...

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